BORIS: Escape from Brexit Island

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Play as BORIS as you seek to escape Europe, navigating through various countries' treacherous terrain and battling bosses such as Merkel and the dastardly Corbyn in order to make your way back to good old Blighty. Let's just hope when you do make it back, it is everything you remember...


▶ Intuitive Gameplay

Run, jump, stab and shoot your way to a satisfying Brexit, as you avoid dangerous obstacles and use various items to help you on your way. Blue Passports, Straight Bananas and Beer will power you to negotiate past the devilish European scoundrels and anti-British ghouls that stand in your way.

▶ Expansive Worlds

Travel from London to Berlin, Paris, Brussels and back again, in order to secure a deal that will set our country up for prosperity for generations to come! Watch out for the various pests you might find on the streets of London such as rats, pigeons and Nigel Farage.

▶ Big Bosses

The likes of Macron, Barnier, Merkel and Corbyn are no joke. They're out to get you Boris and will stop at nothing to ruin your Brexit plans once and for all! Use your wit and cunning to shoot and slash them up until they are dead.

▶ Epic Music Score

From the traditional glory of the streets of London to the aggressive hardcore industrial beats of Berlin to the Gypsy Jazz of a Parisian summer evening and...whatever kind of music Belgium has, this epic and original score is produced in a retro 8 bit style, reminiscent of 1980s arcade machines and 1990s console music.

Click below to download an ad-free PC build of the game (for YouTubers and promo purposes)

BORIS: Escape from Brexit Island (PC version)

As featured on Games Keys 'Underrated Adventure Games to play on iOS' list.

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